Top 3 Wooden Play Kitchen Sets for Kids

With each new generation of children in our world the play world has turned into one of the most innovative world as what would once be played using mere imagination and imitation is made more into a reality. Kids Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

One great example is the wooden play kitchen sets for kids that are used by toddlers and young children to play chef. Along side mom in the kitchen, kids can cook, bake, clean and enjoy hours of exciting fun with wooden play kitchens.

This no longer has to be thoroughly played in their own minds like in the past generations of children but they can physically conduct majority of these activities and be creative in learning more about how to operate themselves in a real life kitchen.

Benefits of Kids Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

Some of the great benefits of kids wooden play kitchen sets are as follows:

1. Kids get to feel as though they have ownership of where they live as they own their own wooden play kitchen sets. With kitchen sets that look similar to the real ones they will know what an oven, fridge and sink is in the kitchen and how best to take care of these components as they continue playing their games.

2. Most wooden play kitchens for kids are crafted with features that enable creative and imaginative play, without all of the bells and whistles. This keeps kids engaged longer, and helps the grow cognitively and creatively.

3. Kids do develop an innate interest towards cooking and baking and will often lend an extra hand in the real life kitchens as they become better versed with kitchen equipment functions. This can also translate to a greater appreciation for healthier foods.

The Top 3 Wooden Play Kitchen Sets for Kids

1. The Gluckskafer Wooden Play Kitchen with Top

Glückskäfer Kids Wooden Play KitchenThe The Gluckskafer Wooden Play Kitchen with Top is originally manufactured in Bosnia, Herzegovina and has been made in a manner that relishes the beauteous nature of the nation. The main features in this premium wooden play kitchen set include:

  • A two set cooker at the top which is great for kids to play cooking chefs
  • A dish holder that holds the cooking spoons, sieves, serving spoons hanging straight and thus reserves a lot of space
  • An opening where the cooked foods can passed through for the purpose of serving guests on the other side. This is very unique as it resembles the real kitchen that as a wooden or glass window mid wall door that is used to pass the food cooked into the dining
  • An oven that is great for play time of baking
  • Open side cupboards on the wooden play kitchen
  • A backside that is great for eating

2. The Amish Play Kitchen Stove and Refrigerator Amish Kids Wooden Play Kitchen

The Amish Play Kitchen Stove and Refrigerator is also another unique kitchen play set for kids. Crafted from the finest natural wood, this kitchen set is highly sought-after by parents. The main features include:

  • An oven with designed cookers at the top. The oven is set with in racks on the inside
  • A refrigerator that has a separate freezer section with a fridge underneath

3. The Elves & Angels Julianna Wooden Kitchen Set

The Elves & Angels Julianna Wooden Kitchen Set with broiler is another great kitchen play set for kids. It is uniquely designed to fit all the needs of the kitchen as it contains the following features: Elves and Angels Wooden Play Kitchen for Kids

  • Kitchen sink with wooden tap
  • Kitchen cooker
  • Cupboard underneath the sink
  • An oven underneath the cooker
  • A drawer cupboard underneath the oven and cupboard

Elves & Angels Julianna Wooden Kitchen Sets are some of the best options. They are available at different price points and offer one of the best investments among wooden toys for growing kids.

Each of these uniquely designed kitchen play sets can entertain your children every day and have them gain a higher interest in gaining productive skills in their lives.

Five Tips to Beautify Your Body for the New Year

All women are conscious about their self-image, especially when an important event is approaching. This is the case with the New Year Eve party, when all of them just want to look their best. But what the women want is not only to look beautiful but to actually feel beautiful as well. They want to radiate beauty and to feel beauty from the inside out. And this may be possible only without layers of makeup.

Let’s see what a woman can do when the New Year is approaching and she wants to look her best. We will give you here five tips to beautify your body for the New Year

Beautify Your Body

1. Change your diet

The right diet is one of the most important things for a beautiful body. Diet can you’re your body slim and your skin to look clear and glamorous. Try to count your calories and eat properly for your age and body mass. There are many websites that provide you a tool to calculate your ideal body mass, as well as tools to calculate your optimal calorie intake.

Also add to your regular diet some super foods that can make wonders for your skin and overall health. Berries are known to have a high content of anti-oxidants and it is recommended to add them in your regular diet. Avocados are a very good source of biotin, which can help to prevent brittle nails and hair, as well as dry skin.

You can also apply avocados topically in order to hydrate dry skin. A moisturizing mask from fresh avocados can be prepared at home by pitting the fruit, pureeing the pulp and applying on your face. The avocado oil contains vitamin E, which is good for the skin and also act as an emollient.

2. Drink a cup of hot lemon water in your morning

A cup of tea in the morning could be good for your health, but you can also try to switch to plain hot lemon water. Studies have shown that hot water with lemon can reduce the chance of skin sensitivities by flushing and purifying your body of toxins. Besides that the water will hydrate your body, which helps keeping your skin supple and glowing. Adopting this into your routine will be like getting a great massage regularly. Almost.

3. Exfoliate your skin Exfoliate Skin

It is recommended to exfoliate the skin on your face twice a week in order to remove the dead, dry, and dull skin cells that block your pores. If you don’t exfoliate the dead layers of skin off your face the lifeless skin cells will become opaque and cause your skin to look dull.

A good homemade exfoliation lotion can be made from equal parts of water and backing soda. You can apply this on your face and rub it gently for up to two minutes into your skin. After the time is up you can wash it off and moisturize your face with a drop of coconut oil. These are good alternatives to visiting your local day spa in Peoria, IL

4. Keep hands off your face

Many women have the habit to touch their facial skin with their hand, popping pimples, resting their chin in their hand, massaging their forehead or rubbing their eyes. This habit is hurting their skin. Our facial skin is the most sensitive and delicate on our body, so it can be easily torn, stretched, and damaged. It is recommended to change your habits and stop touching the skin on your face in order to avoid micro-tears in your skin that can lead to future wrinkles.

5. Tea is for tanning

A healthy hue makes an easy and quick way to feel and look beautiful without makeup, especially in the winter season or at the New Year Eve party. You can create your own homemade tan and all you need is tea. Boil two cups of water and add in five tea bags. Let them to steep for around 20 minutes. Remove the tea bags once the tea has cooled, and pour the tea into a clean spray bottle. Spray yourself and allow your skin to dry before applying another coat. Your skin will look not only tanned but will also feel soft and moisturized.

Do you have any ideas to share to to beautify your body for the new year? Let us know in the comments section below.